Workout of the Day: Day of the Week, 4.10.14



Movement Prep:

Foam roll as needed (5 min)


Barbell Warm Up


Clean Complex 12 min EOMOM @ 65%

Pause at knee Deadlift, Power Clean, Hang Clean

Scale for beginners – Hang Power Clean x3

*Hands stay on the bar through entire complex


15 min AMRAP

-250m Row

-16 Alternating Toes to Bar (8 per side)

Scale with alternating knee tucks or L-seats


Squatting (5:30pm)

Movement Prep:

Bone saw (1 min/leg)

Gastroc-Soleus Stretch (1 min/leg)

Release psoas (10 glute bridges)

Wall Quad stretch (1 min/leg)

With Bar: 10 front squats, 10 back squats, 10 pause front squats (2 sec)

Strength: Front Squat

8×3 @80% of 3RM

-at least 2 min rest between sets

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