Workout of the Day: Day of the Week, 4.9.14


bench bro


Here is an easy way to prep the shoulders for pressing movements.  The banded pull apart series is a great way to improve posture while strengthening the rotator cuff.  Consider adding it to your daily warm ups!

Here is Eric Cressey describing common errors associated with the banded pull apart series.


Movement Prep:

Lax ball pecs, 10 raises/side

Lax ball shoulders, 1 min/side

Band Pull Apart Series, 10 reps/position


Plyo Push Ups 4×3 (eccentric push up as scale)


5RM Bench Press (no more than 5 sets following warm up @50%)


For Quality 3- 5 rounds

20 weighted Step Ups (Suitcase Hold.  Choose your load.)

15 Ring Rows, rings must make contact at the shoulders

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