Workout of the Day: Friday, 2.17.2017.


3 min mobility as needed
10/side Lying Pec Stretch
10 Cat/Camel
2 rounds:
30′ Bear Crawl
30′ Crab Walk
10 Scap Push up
10 Scap Pull up
Supinated Chin-over-bar hang :15

4 rounds:
A1. DB Incline Bench @31X1 x 10, Rest 30sec (use incline bench or put (2) 45lb plates under one side of straight bench)
A2. Hammer Curl x 15 , Rest 30 sec
A3. Max Unbroken Banded Tricep Pulldown @21X1, Rest 2min

20min AMRAP
min 1- max Push Press (115/75)
min 2- max Butterfly Sit up
min 3- max unbroken pull ups*/C2B**
min 4- max Air Squat
min 5- Rest

–Unbroken means you stay on the bar, feet don’t touch the ground.


Foam Roll Quads/Hammies- 3min
2 rounds:
Spiderman step x 10
Cossack squat x 6/side
Barbell Good Morning x 10
Barbell Back Rack Duck Walk x 6 steps forward/backward
Barbell Back Rack Jumping Squat x 10
Barbell Back Rack Reverse Lunge x 6/side

Back Squat:
8 sets:
Box Squat @15X1 x 4
-Pick a weight you can move with speed and authority, around 60-70% for most people.
-Deload onto box, pause for 5 seconds, and explode up.
-MINIMAL rest between sets, not more than 90 seconds, closer to 45-60 would be more optimal. If someone is around your weight, share a box and keep each other moving.

Front Squat:
4 sets of 8 @ 60-75%.
-Emphasize posture and speed here.

Accessory work:
3 sets (time permitting):
C1. Barbell Dynamic Step-Up x 7/side
C2. Banded Hip Thrust x 25
C3. KB Goblet Squat hold :30-:45

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