Workout of the Day: Friday, 4.26.13

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5 Things You Can Do Today if You Have “Deadlift Back”:

1. Don’t think that you can’t train at all.  Tell a Coach about the degree of your pain and we can ALWAYS give you some kind of strength and conditioning in a session that allows you to keep moving forward.

2. If you are going for a little pain management, ice and heat can do wonders.  Be mindful that these are not permanent solutions, they are merely temporary compared to what time, strength gains, and better proprioception (“body awareness”).

3. Stretch your quads (while squeezing your glutes VERY aggressively) and gently lax ball your hips (high and low glutes, hip flexors, quads, hamstrings and adductors – and explore your psoas). It may seem counter-intuitive, but your hips (and even your shoulders really) can heal in funny positions in the process of recovery from deadlifting.  Don’t let your body get stuck in one position.

4. Avoid twisting wherever possible. This is likely the most common cause of deadlift pain that is “shooting” in nature.  Most of us begin CrossFit (or any kind of strength training) with a huge stability deficit in our trunks (ABZ, yo!).  This means that we sleep twisted (sleep with your pillow under your legs while bent if you sleep on your back, and between your knees if you sleep on your side), sit usually facing one direction more than another, drive twisted, and as a result, even train twisted.  A twisted spine is a spine exposed to pain from herniation, bulging discs, and any other irregularities that about 85% of adults naturally have.  If you need to move the area, try some cat camels (especially in the morning to loosen up).

 5. Don’t be afraid!  Soreness is a part of getting stronger, and while excessive soreness if not optional, you simply can’t get strong as fast without entering into SOME time with fatiguing muscles.  If you are dealing with any “shooting pain” (vs. dull pain) please email – I can assess you for what the cause of this feeling is. In either case, however, what you are feeling is VERY typical (though obviously not desirable) – learning HOW not to have this feeling is a PART of getting stronger… AND doing REALLY well at the CrossFit Total.  Lastly, take heart, the next two weeks will contain SIGNIFICANTLY less volume than these past two weeks.



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll as needed, 3 minutes. Lax Ball Spinal Erectors, 2 minutes. 3 Rounds of: 5 wide-grip supinated pull-ups or shrugs, 10 yoga-pushups or downward dog to plank, 15 glute bridges.

ACTIVATION: Handstand Hold, 1 minute.

SKILL WORK: Farmer’s Walks – take a few minutes to work the skill and work with some heavier weight than in the conditioning for the day.


Complete with a partner in the following format: while one of you is completing two minutes of work, the other will be resting, and vice versa, for 24 minutes (so each partner will complete a total of 12 minutes of work and 12 minutes of rest).

AMRAP in 2 minutes:

80ft. Farmer’s Walk (choose your load – kettlebells should be used especially if the chosen load is not OVER a cumulative amount of 140lbs.

Alternated with (take your pick): Wall-Facing Handstand Hold (10 seconds) OR, Handstand Kick-up (3 reps), OR Handstand Push-ups (Kipped, 5 reps), OR Handstand Push-ups (Strict, 5 reps).

Your score is your lowest number of rounds per 2-minute AMRAP over the course of the 12-minute period.


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