Workout of the Day: Friday, 5.23.14


MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Shoulders as needed, 5 minutes. Banded Lat Stretch, Tabata. Then, 3 rounds of: 10 reps T-Spine Rainbow, 10 reps Wall Slides. To view this warm-up, go here. 
EMOM for 14 minutes of:
Odd: 30 seconds of Double Unders*
Even: 30 second Handstand Hold (walk-up or kick-up).**
*Scale as needed to singles, but if you have a few double unders at a time try to stay moving throughout 30 seconds to get as many reps as you can. Record your total # of double unders.
**If you need to, scale the HS hold to coming down whenever you need to OR if you are still working on the position, you may also scale to a feet-elevated plank.
Complete with a partner:
AMRAP in 15 minutes of:
Row 15/10 Calories
10 Toes to Bar*
*Scale the Toe-to-Bar variant as needed!
**Partners will alternate EACH round, i.e. partner 1 goes for the row and all t2b, then partner 2 goes for the same, then back to partner 1. 

TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF REGIONALS!  To follow everything, stay tuned to our Facebook Page or watch the live feed here!

And, finally, the last throwback for the last member of the Regionals Team – me!

Below, this is the first time I ever took part in any kind of competitive event in CrossFit. It was an in-house competition that we held in honor of Steve’s Club. It’s hard to believe how much has changed since then but this picture really says it all. This bar felt heavy, those shorts felt tight, and that head was full of fear.
Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.08.37 PM

In 2009 I competed at the Northeast Regionals (see the end of the god-awful process below).  Back then the process of CrossFit competition was a small and local affair, nothing short of a small expansion of the competition above.  Back then the CrossFit Open didn’t even exist. Shortly after competing in the Northeast, I changed regions when I moved to Philly and started CrossFit Center City.


Since then, the extent of my competitive career has largely focused on being a Coach to this amazing athlete.  I have enjoyed every rise and fall that Coach Record has had on her journey towards being the best athlete that she can be, but what has probably been less seldom noticed, is how much of an inspiration she has been to me. She has seen me as more than a Coach, but also as an athlete. She has believed in me and been acquainted with my abilities as an athlete from Open to Open, and from Competition to Competition.


It is for this reason that tomorrow Record will not be in the ring.  With the team in mind, when the workouts were released she selflessly approached me to ask if I believed that it would make more sense for me to go in her stead. As many of you know, Perrin was struggling with an injury directly post-Open and so I told Record at the time that we would have to wait and see. Some of you may not know but Record actually turned down an individual spot to join the team. When you go to Regionals as a team, a team of 8 is named, but only a team of 6 may take the floor.

As you all might imagine, Record’s decision was not easy for her. I felt it only right though for all of you to know about it. To me, her decision speaks volumes about who she is as an athlete and a person. It is one thing to be independently talented and capable, it is entirely another to be the kind of person who can work interdependently and humbly towards a common goal. In my mind, this is what continues to differentiate our affiliate from all others.  This team is bound together by the true spirit of CrossFit: a commitment to the excellence and resilience of the human spirit.

Tomorrow, when Record steps out on to the floor as my Coach, I know I will be stronger, move faster, and work better because of the strength of her character. Regardless of what comes of this weekend, I hope I am able to do justice to the time, energy, and effort that she laid out to get our entire team to where we are – and I am grateful for the chance to represent our home.

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