Workout of the Day: Friday, 6.21.13

Don’t forget – all classes are cancelled for tomorrow’s Liberty Barbell Classic.  Come by and watch!  A LOT of CFCCers (and Coaches) will be lifting!  A little tip-off, Sunday’s Workout of the Day sessions will involve running, double unders, and will run to Washington Square Park for the WOD (MEET AT THE GYM!)

Below, Jimmy Tanis sets up for a Keg Clean.



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll Quads, 4 minutes. Lax Ball Pecs and Traps in Glute Bridge on Floor, 6 minutes. Pec Roll, 1 minute per side. About a minute of practice with each: Hollow Rock, Superman Rock, Hollow Rock to Superman Rock.  Accumulate 10-12 Strict Pull-ups anyhow (if this easy for you, adding load is totally permissible).

SKILL WORK: Stone to Shoulder, and Keg to Shoulder.

CONDITIONING: AMRAP in 3 minutes of: Stone or Keg to Shoulder.

Choose your implement and we will repeat this interval for a best score to post as many times as we have time for in each session.

Stone to Shoulder Skill Work:

Keg to Shoulder Skill Work:

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