Workout of the Day: Friday, 6.7.13

Don’t know what Regionals is all about? Coach Cassie is actually writing about CrossFit for (how cool is that?!) – read her article about Regionals here!

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Jen stands up amidst a small crowd of attentive athletes during a successful, but particularly stressful overhead squat set.  Turkish Get Ups can help your overhead squat!  Come out and play :)


Meet the substitute coaches for this weekend:

Coach Liz was CFCC’s first hired Coach.  She is currently an Occupational Therapist at Jefferson, but prior to her time as an OT she was carefully laying the foundation for her vocation by specializing in Running Coaching at CFCC.  She has been schooled in all things CrossFit Endurance and even had the opportunity to learn POSE Running from Romanov himself (the creator of this kind of running!).  She is an immensely talented movement specialist and an old-school CFCCer, addicted to virtuosity of movement and a comprehensive learning environment during every class she coaches.  I’m so glad that she’ll be able to spend some time with all of you on Saturday.  She’ll be coaching a Running Clinic at 9am on Saturday (do NOT miss this if you are a runner!) and then a regular Workout of the Day class at 10am.


Krista Tobin, aka, “K-to” is a Coach at CrossFit 1Force, our friendly Jersey box across state lines. She is an avid olympic lifter and has been actively coaching CrossFit athletes and involved in the community for over 5 years now.  She was one of my (Erin!) first CrossFit athletes to become a Coach herself and one of a very small band of athletes who encouraged me through my time competing in Regionals in 2010.  Kto will be helping us out by covering a 9am and a 12pm session this Sunday – she pretty much makes everything in life (and in CrossFit) better and I’m so excited for you all to get to meet her.


Thank you so much, Kto and Liz, for filling in for us on Regionals Weekend!



MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Pecs on floor and Upper Traps in Glute Bridge, 3 minutes per.  400m Run.

ACTIVATION: Find your max L-Sit Hold (using only 1 attempt).  Then, find your max Single Arm Hang (bands may be used in the metcon, but where possible, try to find out how long you can hang without one first).

SKILL WORK: Turkish Get Up, work up to a peak of 1 in 12 minutes after reviewing the movement.


From this mainsite workout.

Three rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
Single arm hang, right arm, 15 seconds
45 pound barbell Turkish Get-up, left arm, 5 reps
Single arm hang, left arm, 15 seconds
45 pound barbell Turkish Get-up, right arm, 5 reps
30 second L-sit hold

Record registers for Regionals:

Prepping a bit at Regionals:

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