Workout of the Day: Friday, 7.12.13

Welcome to another #STRONGMANFRIDAY :)

Don’t forget that the Liberty Barbell Club meeting is tonight at 745pm in the Oly Area. Join us to talk about the future of Olympic Lifting at CFCC!

Khanh and Kim deadlifting in the park on the 4th of July.



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll and Lax Ball as needed, 5 minutes. 

SKILL WORK: Turkish Get Up Practice.  Then, work up to a peak set of 1 on each arm within 10 minutes.

STRENGTH: Seated Sled Pulls (in the Tire, load up the new sleds!) See what you can pull 20ft. within 20 seconds.


AMRAP in 9 minutes:

Right-Handed Farmer’s Carry x 50′

Right-Handed DB Thruster x 9

Left-Handed Farmer’s Carry x 50′

Left-Handed DB Thruster x 9

Practice with each movement.  Pick a weight that will be challenge you to carry/thruster unbroken each round.  Choose any object you’d like to carry.


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