Workout of the Day: Friday, 9.13.13

“Obviously, back pain creates doubt in the body. Safety of movement is called into question and the body begins to wonder what will happen in movement. But bed rest does nothing to address the issue. If you lie still for a few days or weeks, the pain may diminish slightly, but the memory remains and the primary question goes unanswered. In the end, bed rest proves nothing to the body. When you finally stand up and try to get back to life, you will still have to face your physical doubts.” – Frank Forencich, of Exuberant Animal. I love this concept!


And, since we’re just getting used to this… we won’t be tossing any rocks at each other quite yet!


A case against Cardio, from Mark’s Daily Apple.
The Hay is in the Barn – on anxiety before competition, from John Welbourn.


MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll as needed, 5 minutes. Then perform 2 minutes of: Reverse Lunge to Forward Lean to Spiderman to Kneel to Stand. 10 minutes

ACTIVATION: Single leg squat hold, 1 minute per side. Front Plank, 1 minute. Side plank, 1 minute per side. Side plank, 1 minute per side.  5 minutes

SKILL WORK: Review the Forward Roll and Practice the Roll out of the Free-Standing Handstand where Possible, 15 minutes.


Pick a load (any type, and weight) to Farmer’s Walk across the shallow planks and complete with a partner:

AMRAP in 15 minutes of:

Farmer’s Walk (4 lengths total): Athlete #1 goes across while Athlete #2 waits. Athlete #2 goes across while #1 waits.

Bear Crawl 20ft. to Forward Roll (4 lengths total): Athlete #1 goes across while Athlete #2 waits. Athlete #2 goes across while #1 waits.

Medball Side Throws: Complete 10 throws

POSTURAL RESTORATION: A little extra time here today! 55lb. Barbell Calf Release, 2 minutes per side. Wall Assisted Straddle, 1 minute. Wall Assisted Glute Stretch, 1 minute per side. 10 minutes

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