Workout of the Day: Friday, 9.27.13

Tomorrow, from 1230-330pm CFCC’s Liberty Box League Teams will be competing at home – come out to watch, cheer, and support them!

A great podcast on Cortisol, Stress, and Modern Disease from Chris Kresser.

If you’re craving something pumpkin-ey but you just started the BCCC for the first time – there are great options out there!  This recipe is perfect for a post-Saturday workout meal.




MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll as needed, 5 minutes. Then perform 2 minutes of: Reverse Lunge to Forward Lean to Spiderman to Kneel to Stand.

ACTIVATION: Single leg squat hold, 1 minute per side. Front Plank, 1 minute. Side plank, 1 minute per side. Side plank, 1 minute per side.  5 minutes.

STRENGTH: Heavy Farmer’s Walks on the Planks, up to a peak walk for 20ft. in about 15 minutes.


A FANCIER version of the “over/under”.

Barbells will be set up on the rig for over under drills. The barbells will change according to height but there should always be four stations. All other barbell racks should be set up as needed. All over unders must be completed on the plank.

4 rounds of:

1 minute of over/under to the right.
1 minute of over/under to the left.
2 minutes of a TGU of your choice (alternate back and forth between arms).

*Example: You’ll face the back of the room while on the rig for the 1st minute of over/unders. You’ll go over the bar while it is to your right and then under the bar to your left, then repeat. THEN, in the second minute, you’ll turn around and face the front of the room and go over the bar while it is on your left and under the bar while it is on your right. Then, when that minute is up you’ll move to your TGU station and a partner can use your over/under bar.

POSTURAL RESTORATION: Choose your own KStar Mob: 5 minutes.

Stepping Under (looks simple, seriously – it isn’t ALWAYS).


Stepping Over (again, not always as easy as it looks to do THIS well – for an EXTRA challenge, try doing this while staying on a plank the entire time).


Another way to step under.

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