Workout of the Day: Monday, 10.7.13

The hookgrip Classic was an AMAZING event – definitely the BEST Olympic Lifting meet we have EVER run – and I just wanted to extend one more note of gratitude to the volunteers who helped and those of you who came by to cheer.  It was a weekend to remember, and you all helped to create some huge high points in training for so many people. Thank you.

For those of you are more interested in Olympic Lifting, please consider the role better access to certain positions might have on your lifts, and in turn, check out Dr. Perry’s Seminar coming THIS Saturday to CFCC!


A note (reposted from LAST Monday) about this month’s training cycle having MORE strength days:

It is worth noting ahead of time that this cycle is one month out of the year where we will incorporate two full days out of five in the week that are completely strength and skill based. I know that some of you may feel that this will affect your conditioning to an unrecoverable level.  It is my belief that this is not true but I do understand that some of you simply have different goals at this time of year or just generally.

For this reason add-on WODs will be posted every week on the CFCC Facebook Page for your completion either in the gym in the “back” or on your own. You may complete these add-on WODs whenever we have other regularly scheduled WODs going on but please make sure you touch base with a Coach who is in the gym at that time before beginning to confirm what set-up will be the most courteous to other members.  You are also encouraged to complete these WODs with other members inside or outside of the gym and post your times to the pinned post on the Facebook Page.

All that said, you do not NEED the add-on WODs for any reason other than if you would LIKE to complete them.  If you’d like to maximize your potential to PR at the CrossFit Total you’re most likely better off NOT doing anything outside of the programming below.


MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll and Lax Ball as needed, 3 minutes. Cat Stretch, switch as needed, but take a full 2 minutes. Then: Greg’s Crazy Hip Opener, complete 6 full transitions.

MUSCLE-UP and PULL-UP STRENGTH WORK: This will continue as it has in this cycle!

BACK SQUAT CLUSTERS: This means you will have roughly 15 minutes to work up to a peak set of 1 for the Back Squat.  Then, you will take 90% of that rep and attempt to complete a “Cluster”.  A “Cluster” is: 1 rep every 20 seconds for 2 minutes. If you do not achieve 3 reps at your current load (90%) you will drop in weight on the next “Cluster”. If you achieve 7 reps at that load – you will add weight for the next “Cluster”. If you are somewhere in between you will perform the “Cluster” with the same weight again.

Week 2 of 4: Peak of 1, 2 Clusters.

I love this up and coming podcast, Barbell Shrugged.  Here’s a bit below on Nutrition for High-Volume Training in CrossFit.  You may also find some tidbits in here relevant to your prep for the CrossFit Total on 11/1-2, remember: we’re three weeks away! Sign up NOW for a time slot under “Seminars” in Mindbody!

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