Workout of the Day: Monday, 11.18.13

This is the week of the Stache Showdown! There are no classes on Wednesday evening (no 12pm, 330pm-830pm) but we will run morning classes and then hope to be able to see all of you in the evening for some arm-wrassling and strongman fun!

Also, this is the LAST day to sign-up at the Front Desk to join us in Rock Climbing this Saturday at 12pm – don’t miss out on this opportunity to play and learn new sports! :)



-Lax ball hip flexors (2 min)Supine Leg Whip 5 each legKneel to lunge 10 each leg (alternating back and forth)Over-under the fence (30ft alternating) Activation: 4-5 min to find peak seated box jump

STRENGTH: Back Squat – work up to 80% of your best Back Squat, then attempt: 3 rounds of AMRAP in 2 minutes with 3 minutes of rest in between rounds. You may re-rack the bar as often as you like.

Sharing a bar with a partner will work easily: Partner 1 will complete their 2 minute squat test at 0:00, then there will be 30 seconds of transition time (for changing plates and recording your number of reps), and at 2:30, Partner 2 will complete their 2 minute squat test allowing Partner 1 exactly 3 minutes of rest time until they start their second 2-minute set at 5:00. This set will run until 7:00. Partner 1 will rest again until 10:00 for their last set while Partner 2 completes their second set from 7:30-9:30. 

CONDITIONING: In station format in teams of 3 complete: AMRAP in 10 minutes of: Wallball (20/14), Rest, 30 Double Unders. Your score is your cumulative number of Wallballs. Members of teams that do not have predictable double unders may complete instead of 30 DU, 100 DU.  

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