Workout of the Day: Monday, 4.14.14

Week Two into our CrossFit Total 2
aka “The BRO-total”  Cycle. 

This week we plan on shifting the volume of our work.  Make sure you take extra care of yourself.

We like to use the analogy that our body is a bank. Look at exercise as withdraws, and mobility/rest as deposits. You can’t withdraw from your bank without making deposits. Find a balance during the week where you break even, or with extra savings. That means spend time stretching, do different types of tissue work, get your sleep, and eat your veggies! Your body will thank you.


SMR:  Lax Ball Glutes, 10 passes/side – Lax Ball Quad , 1 min/side
Movement Prep: 2RD -10 Spiderman Steps w/ Twist, 10 Reverse Lunge to Step Up, 10 SLDL w/ Forward Reach
Activation:  Review DB Snatch
Strength:  Front Squat 5×3 w/ 2 sec pause (approx. 90 sec rest b/t sets) Use 70% of 3RM from previous week.
Conditioning:  10 min AMRAP -60ft Goblet Lunge (24/16) -10 DB snatch (alternating)

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