Workout of the Day: Monday, 4.21.14

Congratulations to those who competed in their first strongman competition! Way to make CFCC proud!

justin strongman

Below, Jeff Martone talks about the kettlebell thruster.  Pay close attention to the front rack position.

Here Mike Burgener explaining the 1 and 1/4 front squat


Movement Prep:
Spiderman Step w/ twist (5 per side)
Lunge step to step up (10 per side)
30 ft. Single leg deadlift w/ reach
30 sec RKC Plank

Strength: Work up to 85% of 3RM front squat (10 min).  Use this weight to complete a 10 min EMOM of a single 1+1/4 front squat.

8 min AMRAP
– KB thrusters (16/12)
*Top of every minute 3-5 strict pull ups
*Aim to use kettle bells that allow AT LEAST 5 reps per minute.


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