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The force is strong with the Pazn.


I know our info account, this blog, the facebook page, twitter feed, and instagramming can make all of your heads spin a little bit, but believe it or not, the majority of the voice that you are hearing there is me – Erin! Some of you may have heard me announcing this in a few of the classes that I’ve coached but I am VERY pleased to let you all know that Coach Perrin Behr is officially moving into a new position at CFCC as the Director of Programming! What does this mean? Perrin will be crafting all of the general gym programming for the foreseeable future and as such, will be the voice you hear on the “Workout of the Day” posts! She’ll also be heading up our Competitive Programming for the Competitive CrossFit year to come.

What does this mean for me? A lot more time to spend coaching and cleaning up things on the back end for CrossFit Center City and Liberty Barbell Club! What does this mean for you? I’d get that brand-spanking-new log book you’ve been thinking about buying OR, I’d buy that app on your phone you’ve been resisting… we’re about to go through a revolution of sorts and you’ll want to keep careful track of where you’re starting so that you can more thoroughly understand where you’re going!

I am very excited for Perrin to begin working with you all in this capacity and I know from personal experience that her brain can make some truly incredible fitness happen. As always, if you have any questions about making this programming work for your goals OR for understanding the layout, feel free to be in touch!

I’ll see you all tomorrow A.M. for the bright and shiny start of a new cycle, and a new CFCC era!

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A new cycle begins at CFCC

Today is the first day of a six week cycle which will include two weeks of testing and four weeks of training plus a de-load. I am excited to have the opportunity to take on programming duties for the next few months and look forward to watching the progress everyone will make in the coming weeks. During these next two weeks please make sure you are logging your numbers as we will be retesting at the end of the cycle. For those of you looking to make strength gains this summer, we will be focusing on improving raw strength numbers and balancing out asymmetries while maintaining a good conditioning base. Our two major testing days this week will be Monday (Front Squat) and Thursday (Clean & Jerk) for those of you who would like to plan your week accordingly. Time to get after it!



Do you have mobility limitations in the front rack position? Here are some suggestions of exercises you can do to change that. 

MOBILITY: Foam roll t-spine and lats – 2 minutes, Partner distracted banded wall quad stretch or spiderman 1 min/side, Gastroc/Soleus release 1 min/side
MOVEMENT PREP: 2 Rounds of: 1 min plank on hands, 1 min wall facing air squats, 1 min wrist walks

Wrist Walk: Place your palms on a wall, with your arms straight and fingers pointing to the ceiling. Keeping contact with the wall, walk your hands down the wall. Go as far down as possible without letting your palms come off the wall. Once you reach the point where you can’t walk your hands down any farther, turn your hands around so your fingers are now pointing to the floor. Walk your wrists back up the wall as far upward as possible. Repeat as desired.
STRENGTH: A. Front Squat – 1RM @ 20X1 tempo
3 reps @ 50-60%
2 reps @ 65-70%
1 rep @ 75%
1 rep @ 85%
1 rep @ 90-95%
1 rep @ 1RM testing weight
Rest 2-3 min bt. sets once you reach 85% and higher
7 minute amrap
7 Hand Release Push Ups
7 Front Squats (96/65)
7 T2B

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