Workout of the Day: Monday, 8.5.13

Welcome to Day 1 of a 3-month long strength-biased cycle in preparation for the CrossFit Total on November 1st!  

(See the post about the cycle here)

In honor of this great beginning, I give you this image of Coach Tim in his days before he cleaned up his act at CFCC:



MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Hips, 5 minutes. Rotate through 3 stations for 3 rounds: Tuck or L-Sit Hold, 10 seconds. Spiderman Stretch, 10 seconds at peak tension per side, Glute Bridge, 10 second hold.  Then, PVC Overhead Squat in Cluster Format for 7 total sets of 1.

STRENGTH: Front Squat, Cluster Day – Peak of 1 in the Front Squat (set timer to 15 minutes). Then, 1 Cluster.  Then, 2 Density Sets.  See this post for more on what these are and some clarification about how this will run throughout the cycle.

CONDITIONING: Is allowed during extra time after class on the ergs in the back (please don’t bring the ergs to the front, we will need the room for squatting with the next class!  Recommended rowing for today? 3 x 500m, Rest as long as you work!

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