Workout of the Day: Monday, 9.23.13

Measurements for the BCCC are happening all this week!

  • If you’re ready to participate, simply show up at one of the four available times Greg and Meg will be taking “before” measurements and photos. These times are as follows: Monday, 9/23 7-9am (Meg); Tuesday, 9/24 3:30-6:30PM (Greg); Wednesday, 9/25 7-9AM (Meg); Wednesday, 9/25 4:30-7:30pm (Greg).  No need to RSVP, just show up at the time that’s most convenient for you and be prepared to write down your goals for this time around. If you absolutely cannot make any of these times, please email to schedule another time to come in – but the more we can keep everyone to these posted time slots, the more smoothly things will go. Please bring your $20 buy-in (cash or check is fine). Please be prepared to have photos taken (don’t fret too much about this part!) Bathing suits are fine but not necessary, ideally we’d see men in workout shorts and women in a sports bra and workout shorts or leggings.The performance benchmark will, once again, be AMRAP burpees in three minutes and will be programmed into the regular WOD as a cashout throughout this first week. Keep an eye on the blog for details!
  •  YOUR BCCC officially kicks off when you get your BEFORE measurements and burpee test finished!

In honor of the start of the BCCC:


MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll – 3 minutes.  Lat Stretch, 1 minute per side.

SKILL WORK: Perform the usual drills for the muscle-up then, complete the following EMOM (every minute on the minute) piece for 5 minutes depending on ability and what you feel you would like to work on more:

A. Repped Muscle-ups.

If you have ‘em, complete an attempt at 1, 2, or 3+ muscle-ups EMOM.  Keep overall volume to 30 reps (so… do not go over 6 reps EMOM).

B. Banded Transitions. JUST the transition.

If you are trying to get better with the raw strength required through the transition of the muscle-up you will complete this drill for three total transitions EMOM. Completing JUST the transitions means you will get through the rings to a low dip position, drop just slightly below the rings and then get through again to the low dip position, and then do it one more time before resting.

C. Pronated Grip Pull-ups.

For those of you who are still working on having the strength to be able to complete the pulling portion of the muscle-up.  Choose a band difficulty and a number of reps on that band between 1-6 reps and complete attempts at this number of reps EMOM (a lot like the muscle-up portion – keep volume below 30 total reps).

FOR SPEED:Back Squats, see the format below.

The “Speed” format being used is this:You will begin your lifting at 60% of your best tested lift and move up to 75% but no more than this depending on how your form and speed are progressing. The lifting will be a 10-minute long EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) set where each minute begins with a set of two reps and you can spend the remainder of the minute prepping for your next set.Written out the format is: EMOM (10 minutes): 60% of 1RM x 2, 60% of 1RM x 2, 70% of 1RM x 2, 70% of 1RM x 2, 75% of 1RM x 2, 75% of 1RM x 2, then, the remaining four minutes are up to yours or a Coaches discretion load-wise but you may not go above 75%.Reps should feel heavy, but like you can push against them with good form.  The 7th set or so should feel like it gets a little faster.  As noted, this entire effort will take 10 minutes, but with explanation, set-up, and breakdown, we are anticipating that it will take at least 20-25 minutes. This still leaves us time on these days for other work during a session so that’s our plan!


AMRAP 3 minutes: Burpees.

Rest 1 minute then:


21-15-9 reps of:

Thrusters (95/65)

Compare to these previous “Fran” experiences.

Baliff would NEVER leave on a day like this… but I just couldn’t resist :)

Picture 2

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