Workout of the Day: Saturday, 11.9.13

Wondering how you can better prepare for the Stache Showdown? Come to Strongman class on Saturdays at 11am. Also, in order to prepare you’ll also want to sign up. You can go here to do that!

If gripping heavy things is not actually your favorite, how about learning to grip your own bodyweight? CFCC is going climbing and you’re invited! You can bring friends from outside of CFCC. All the details are here.

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Super sweet poster courtesy of Hudson Handel Photography.


1. Movement prep (10m)

A. *To save time, SMR is to be done ahead of class start time.  Cat camels will start at 11am sharp.

B. Cat camel, 10 reps. squat to stand, 10 reps.  Greg’s t-spine bridge, 10 reps.   Greg’s bat bridge, 3 reps of 10 second holds.

C. Walking 90/90 stretch, one pass.  Shoulder crawl, one pass. Bear crawl, one pass. Walking lunge, one pass. 3-5 jumping pull-ups after each “pass”.

2. Power (40m)

In teams of 3, 3 rounds for max reps (staggered start every two minutes) :

2m tire flips
2m rest
2m stone over yoke
4m rest

Each team must choose either 95/75lbs stone and small tire, 115/95lbs stone and medium tire, or
210/145lbs stone and large tire.

3.  Conditioning (10m)

In teams of 3, AMRAP 8m:

25′ laps  of atlas stone or keg carry.

Rules/scoring: Implement may not touch the ground*.  Implement must be carried in front of the body by one person at a time.  Team score is total laps multiplied by weight of implement.

*Penalty is 20 burpees each…but seriously, just don’t let it.

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