Workout of the Day: Saturday, 12.7.13

Are you interested in Olympic Lifting for sport? This meet is coming up at the end of January and the Olympic Lifting Club at CFCC (Liberty Barbell Club!) is designed to create and prepare athletes for competitive Olympic-Style Weightlifting. If you want to learn to lift like Jay and Zoda, email so we can get you started!



5m general group warmup, but otherwise want to use TGU skill work as the warmup.

For time, In teams of 3:

9 laps Farmer’s walk (165/115 per hand, down and back)
9 KB Turkish get-ups, each side (2/1.5)
6 laps farmers walk
6 TGU each side
3 lengths farmers walk
3 TGU each side

*25m cap.

One person working per team. 2 person teams scale down to 6/4/2 reps. Reps should be split as evenly as possible on the Turkish get ups.

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