Workout of the Day: Saturday, 5.3.14

Everything is better with Friends


9am Bring a Friend

Movement Prep: Foam Roll and Lax Ball, 10 min
Skill: Handstand, review of the tripod and headstand.

AMRAP 12 minutes:
10 Burpees
25 Double Unders
*The sub for double unders is 40 single unders for those that are totally new to jump roping. For CrossFitters that don’t have double unders yet the sub is 10 attempts. For those that are still struggling with double unders, picking any number of double unders to complete per round is a great substitution over hacking out 25 reps.

10am Strongman inspired Workout of the Day

Prep: Track Warm Up
Activation: Tug of War – Teams of 2 will go head to head.  Each team has 2-3 attempts
Skill: Tire Flips
SWOD: 3 min AMRAP Tire Flips.  Athletes will have 2 attempts.

On A Side Note…

We’re hosting a Strongman Seminar on June 8th with Mike McKenna.  Sign up Here

“Mike McKenna was, at one time, strong as shit. Not strong as fuck, mind you, but still pretty damn strong. His lifelong quest is integrating the works of Shakespeare with public feats of strength. As an instructor, Mike wants you to understand how and why the body works. He will yell at scream at you for motivation, but nothing he says will be in context or, perhaps, even in a modern language.”



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