Workout of the Day: Saturday, 7.12.14



MOVEMENT PREP: 5 minutes of mobility of your choice into 3 rounds of  strict “Cindy”


A1. Strict HSPU work x 3-6 reps x 3 sets, Rest 60 seconds *If you cannot do a full ROM strict HSPU to no more then 1 abmat then scale to 1 negative @ 31X2 tempo + 1 DB Strict Press from L seated position = 1 HSPU
A2. L-sit hold on Parallelettes x 10-15 sec. x 3 sets, Rest 60 seconds
A3. Freestanding Handstand Hold x 30 seconds accumulated x 2 sets, Rest 90 seconds *use spotter if possible


Part 1: Begin at 0:00 on the clock

3 Rounds
400m run *partners must run together
14 1-arm kb snatch (32/24kg) *there is no requirement for which arm or alternating
7 muscle ups or 21 C2B Pull Ups

Part 2: Begin at 25:00 on the clock
For time
300 double unders
30 squat cleans (185/125)

Part 3: Begin at 50:00 on the clock
4 rounds
15 cal row
10 burpees over rower
5 Jerks (185/125) *from the floor

*partners can partition the work in any way they want with only one person working at a time except the 400m run in part 1 must be done together for each round


MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll and lax ball for 5 minutes as needed
60ft easy jog, 30ft high knees, 30ft carioca, 30ft butt kicks, 30ft carioca, 30ft bear crawl forward, 30ft crab walk backward, 30ft broad jump, 60 second wall facing HS hold or tripod


EMOM x 8 minutes
odd = 3 tall box jumps with step down *this is not meant to be metabolic but training explosiveness
even = 20 second amrap wall walks *concentrate on keeping a hollow position starting with the push up and not overarching at the top


In teams of two, complete the following for time
500m row
20 no push up burpee box jumps (24/20″)
200 wall ball (20/14lb)
800m run

*P1 starts the 500m and P2 starts the burpee box jumps simultaneously, then switch. Partners cannot switch until both are finished. After both partners have completed the row and burpee box jumps they will move to the wall ball partitioning the reps anyway. The run will be completed together as a team and time will stop when both partners finish.

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