Workout of the Day: Saturday, 8.3.13

Helping out with the Competitor’s Session and the Workout of the Day today? This GUY.



MOVEMENT PREP: General Foam Roll, 5 minutes. Then complete 30ft. of each: Inchworm, Crab Walk, Spiderman Step plus Overhead Reach, Samson Stretch plus Rotation to Floor, Over the Fence/Under the Fence, Single Leg Deadlift Touch, X-Band Walk, Overhead Squat Duck Walk.

STRENGTH: Overhead Squat, put up an attempt at a best for 10 reps.

CONDITIONING: Then complete, 3 RFT of: 10 C2B pull-ups, 10 FS (165/115), 10 Burpees.

If you struggle with the rack position for the front squat, this video is for you :)


MOVEMENT PREP: On your own, for 10ish minutes.

SKILL WORK: A look at beginning to achieve the pistol – how to scale to keep making progress, how to commit to the standard.

STRENGTH: With a partner, work up to a peak set of 1 for the clean.

CONDITIONING: Then complete, 3 RFT of: 10 C2B pull-ups, 10 FS (165/115), 10 Burpees, with a Judge.

Q&A TIME: For the remainder of our time together.

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