Workout of the Day: Sunday, 11.9.13


Miguel flipping the tire in Strongman Class on Saturday.


MOVEMENT PREP: Taken from here.

Use a mat to keep your knees from getting sore!

Kneel to Open Hip – 1 minute.
Kneel to Open Hip to Lunge – 2 minutes (feel out different positions)
Figure 4 to Figure 4 – 1 minute.
Figure 4 to Figure 4 to Open Hip on each side – 1 minute.
Figure 4 to Figure 4 to Open Hip to Lunge on each side – 1 minute.
Kneel to Stand with Ankle Emphasis – 1 minute.
Kneeling Rocks to Shoulder Rolls – 1 minute.
Crawling with Knees barely off the ground – 1 minute.
Roll to Figure Four – 1 minute.

15 minutes.

STRENGTH: Front Squat: Complete 3 reps every 2 minutes for 20 minutes following these projected percentages: 1st set: 60% of best single x 3, 2nd set: 60% of best single x 3, 3rd set: 70% of best single x 3, 4th set: 70% of best single x 3, 5th set: 75% of best single x 3, 6th set: 75% of best single x 3, 7th set: 80% of best single x 3, 8th set: 80% of best single x 3, 9th set: 80% of best single x 3, 10th set: 80% of best single x 3.

25 minutes – including set-up and breakdown.


Complete 2 rounds for time with a 15 minute cap:

100 Double Unders

Shoulder to Overhead 95/65 – 50 reps

Toes to Bar – 25 reps

*Scale Double Unders to 4 minutes of double under attempts for EACH round or to 200 singles for each round.

* Shoulder to Overhead can be scaled to light barbell presses for newer athletes but must be kept light for more advanced athletes. Do not scale heavier than this.

*Toes to Bar – scale with L-Raises, Knee Tucks, or V-ups for torn hands or testy grips.

And now, a moment to introduce someone who you all know: Morgan Voz is a Level 1 CrossFit Certified Trainer, CFCC’s Membership Coordinator, an Elements Coach, a Competitive Olympic Lifting Coach, a medal-winning athlete, and a leading member of our Competitive Team at CFCC.  She is also a pretty fantastic person. Morgan has been involved in a Coaching mentorship at CFCC for the last 6 months and has been working vigorously to hone her understanding of coaching, cuing, movement, injury prevention, and generally ALL THE THINGS.  Those 6 months have officially led to her beginning today as an Assistant Coach to Coach Record on Sundays. We are very excited for her to begin this new phase of her time at CFCC!



MOVEMENT PREP: Rocking Cat Camels (Doc Perry!), 10 reps. Wrist Stretches, about a minute here. 10 Hollow Rocks. 10 Superman Rocks. 10 Yoga Push-ups. 10 Adductor Mobs. 1 30ft. length of a Mermaid Walk.

SKILL WORK #1: Freestanding Handstand – practice the kick-up with accuracy.

SKILL WORK #2: Tripod to Headstand to Straddle – practice for accuracy as far as you can get.

SKILL WORK #3: If the above is working – elevate the head in the Tripod and practice a Headstand Straddle transitions (lowering the feet to the floor under control and trying to pull up into position).  If THIS works, try Handstand to Straddle!


Complete 7 rounds of:

7 strict pull-ups

7 strict hspu (scale with bands where needed)


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