Workout of the Day: Sunday, 12.1.13

I’m hoping you have all had a lovely holiday weekend. If you’re feeling a bit stiff from all the travel don’t forget Arianna is teaching Restorative Yoga at 12pm tomorrow!



MOVEMENT PREP: Taken from here.

Use a mat to keep your knees from getting sore!

Kneel to Open Hip – 1 minute.
Kneel to Open Hip to Lunge – 2 minutes (feel out different positions)
Figure 4 to Figure 4 – 1 minute.
Figure 4 to Figure 4 to Open Hip on each side – 1 minute.
Figure 4 to Figure 4 to Open Hip to Lunge on each side – 1 minute.
Kneel to Stand with Ankle Emphasis – 1 minute.
Kneeling Rocks to Shoulder Rolls – 1 minute.
Crawling with Knees barely off the ground – 1 minute.
Roll to Figure Four – 1 minute.

And then add: one minute of Dead Bug Practice.


In 12 minutes, work with a partner or, if you’re newer, with a Coach to get up to a peak of 1 for the Front Squat. Remember to practice dumping the Front Squat with your lighter weights if you are not yet familiar with this practice!


21-15-9 Overhead Squats (95,65)
42-30-18 Pull Ups

*Scale the OHS as needed to get through this one in under 15 minutes!  

*Scale the pull-ups with bands, but do not scale the rep scheme!

Below, Barrett and Stormy working on their band-assisted push-ups during Barbara on Thanksgiving morning!



MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Pec Minor 1 minute on each side. Massage tight neck muscles and scalenes that are tight 1 minute per side. Activate Grip via Doc Perry for 10 seconds. Then: perform the Perrin Buttz Warm-up (written on the left side of the board).

SKILL #1: Rope Climbs SKILL

SKILL #2: Increased ROM Strict HSPU (complete with bands or paralletes) – try to work up to a total of volume of at least 40 practice reps.

CONDITIONING:  7-to-1 reps of: Tire Flips, Rope Climbs, Strict HSPU

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