Workout of the Day: Sunday, 6.16.13

Don’t forget!

If you are interested in the competitive year at CFCC, come to the Competitor’s Meeting THIS Friday starting at 730pm.

If you are interested in having the most fun EVER, come to PROM on June 29th. :)

If you are interested in watching some awesome Olympic Lifting go down, check out the Liberty Barbell Classic, happening THIS Saturday, from 9-5pm, please note, all classes on Saturday will be cancelled for this event.

Preparing your food for the week? Become inspired anew by reading… A Delicious Day in the Life of Ozzy – a new feature on the CFCC Nutrition Page!

Our Programming Cycle is as follows (we are in our second week of four!):

MONDAY: Back Squat, 5, 3, 2, 1 this cycle plus an 8ish min range WOD.
TUESDAY: Hang Snatch, up to a peak of 1 every week. Box Jump/Double Under short WODs.
WEDNESDAY: The Muscle-up – EVERY WEEK! Complemented by longer ring dominant WODs (up to 15 minutes).
THURSDAY: The Shankle Complex (clean pull once, clean pull twice, clean pull a third time, then hang clean, then split jerk twice). Peak it. Every week…and nothing else. I’m so psyched.
FRIDAY: Strongman Movement Dominant WODs.
SATURDAY: Deadlift dominant WODs – up to 20 minutes in length, benchmarks wherever possible.
SUNDAY: Bodyweight Movement Only Benchmarks up to 20 minutes in length.
Below, Marcy Rose (all the way to the right) accepts the Bronze Medal at the Pan-American Games in Chicago this past weekend.  I remember when Marcy could barely rack a clean without having to think VERY hard about her elbows, and when the only kind of snatch she ever could do was a “power snatch” – time, hard work, (and bacon?) can do a lot.  If you’re frustrated with your lifts, plan your weeks according to your weaknesses!



MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Pec Minor and Upper Traps in Glute Bridge, 2 minutes per side in each position.  3 rounds of: 3 Inverted Hand Push-ups, 3 Yoga Push-ups, 3 Spiderman Step plus Overhead Reach.

ACTIVATION: Tripod Practice, about 3 minutes.

SKILL WORK: The Kipping Handstand Push-up


“JT” : 21-15-9 reps of: HSPU, Ring Dips, Push-ups – for a full description of how to scale this WOD, see here. VERY new athletes at CFCC may use a handstand walk up or handstand kick-up (if they’ve already learned to do it) as a sub for the HSPU (21 HS Walk-ups are HARD, so they can always scale the reps too – 15 is WAAAY more doable).  The ring-dip band assist helps but obviously some are going to need a LOT of help.  The push-ups will also need a band assist and I would recommend using the band attached to a ring to keep stations simple. 

Carl Paoli reworks Jason Khalipa’s Handstand Push-up.

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