Workout of the Day: Sunday, 6.2.13

WORKOUT OF THE DAY, with Cassie and Record, at 9am.

HYBRID/ADVANCED OLY, with Jim, 9-11am and 2-4pm.

CROGA, with Tim, at 10am.

SQUATTING ONLY, with Cassie and Record, at 11am.

STRONGMAN, with Tim, at 11am.

INTRO to OLY, with Jim, at 12pm and 1pm.

Coach Record is REALLY busy getting ready for Regionals (see below) so we really hope you’ll come out and see the product of all her hard work AND, get a chance to see the competitive community portion of CrossFit.  The weekend is a LOT of fun, very motivating, and obviously a swell time to pick up some serious CF swag :)  Check out the Facebook event here – there are people coming down on ALL days and CFCC’s coaches will all be there while some VERY special guests come by to coach at CFCC in our stead.



MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball as Needed, 5 minutes.  Partner Assisted Lat Stretch (Seated and with the Bar), 1 minute each side for each stretch.  Band Overhead Stretch, 30 seconds per side.  Band Assisted Rack Stretch, 30 seconds per side.

SKILL WORK: Thrusters.  Take 10 minutes to work up to a “heavier than “Jackie” set of 2.



For time:
1k Row
50 Thrusters (45lbs. for men and women)
30 Pull-ups

Previous Jackie times.

*Stimulus: This is an all-out effort that will FEEL like “Fran”.  Try to gauge the row so that the all-out portion though happens during the pull-ups, and not the thrusters.  Classes will begin in heats where there are more than 11 athletes per class.  You should absolutely be attempting to beat your “Jackie” time from the last time we did this.

Ahhh, the benchmarks:

…fierce, intensely personal, and hugely important to the life of ANY CrossFitter.  Below, Stormy scales the push-ups during “Murph” with a banded variant.  Very often we here athletes downplay their efforts due to things like this kind of scaling, for example: “I did “Cindy” rx’d for the first time, but I only got 3 rounds,” or “I PR’d “Elizabeth” and the cleans felt great but I had to use a band for the ring dips so it doesn’t count.”  I have some SERIOUS news for you: the only thing that DOESN’T “count” is a rep that isn’t completed to standard.

So, to all of you weekend warriors, serious CrossFit competitors, and PR junkies sitting quietly behind your negative self-speak: STOP THAT, unless your chest didn’t hit the floor during your push-ups, unless your hip didn’t come to full extension on your front squat, or unless your chin didn’t REALLY go over the bar that many times – the work that you have done is GOOD work, and it will continue to yield gains for you.  Integrity in the life of any athlete is important; it’s a HUGE part of letting this place affect more than just your fitness levels.

Before you think about how much weight you want to move, you’ve got to think about how well you’re going to move it.

Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.

– John Wooden

I know, another John Wooden quote… but I love him. #sorrynotsorry :)

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