Workout of the Day: Sunday, 9.29.13

Something worth knowing: all members of the BCCC get 5% off CustomFit meals during the BCCC!

Restorative Yoga with Arianna is TODAY at 12pm! Come out and reset for the week!

Pictured below: CrossFit power couple Mike and CMack plotting their way to a press PR this past week. This is the FIRST time they’ve trained TOGETHER in a session since the lovely Bitsy was born. Otherwise, the two of them have been independently disciplined, encouraging of others, and unendingly positive in their outlook on their own training in spite of having VERY busy lives. They’ve also been members for almost ALL of the 5 years that CFCC has been in existence. That’s SOME consistency! It’s people like this that make CFCC something special.



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll and Lacrosse Ball as needed, 5 minutes. Cat Stretches, about 3 minutes. Complete 3 rounds of: 10 second handstand hold, 10 second hollow rock hold, 10 second superman hold, 10 second squat hold (below parallel).

SKILL WORK #1: Rope Climb, spend about 10 minutes reviewing and practicing.

SKILL WORK #2: Stone over the Yoke, spend about 15 minutes practicing this and working up in load.


AMRAP in 12 minutes of, in teams of 3 complete:

Athlete #1 walks the stone up to the stairs in the back on the right shoulder, then the left shoulder. Then, repeats.

Athlete #2 climbs the rope. Your number of climbs is your score.

Athlete #3 rests until it is their turn to walk the stone.

*Teams of 2 will receive no rest in between switches.

*Teams that drop the stones NOT on the black mats will incur a gazillion-rep burpee penalty (approx.)


MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Shoulders, 3 minutes. Foam Roll Hip, 3 minutes. Spend about a minute on each: Wrist Stretches, Cat Stretches, Yoga Push-ups to Downward Dog, Spiderman Steps.
SKILL WORK: Single Leg Jumps (practice jumping forward on to a box, plate or mat with perfect positioning in the catch) – 5 minutes.
STRENGTH: Ring Dip, work up to a peak set of 3 reps.
CONDITIONING: AMRAP in 10 minutes of: 5 push-ups, 10 v-ups, 15 air squats.
POSITIONAL ENDURANCE: Accumulate 2 minutes of an L-Sit or a Tuck-Sit. Accumulate 2 minutes of an L-Hang or a Tuck Hang. Take as much time as you need to get these holds done in a virtuous position.
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