Workout of the Day: Sunday, 9.8.13

The Five Stages of Food Grief, from Whole30, for those of you who have been through a bunch of BCCC eras, and need a fresh outlook.
9 Reasons why Yoga is GOOD for you, this Fall we’ll be running a few new Yoga classes on the weekends specifically tailored toward active recovery and these are basically ALL the reasons why.  Please use them!  They’re so good for what ails you!

Below, Cathryn in the middle of “Grace” at CrossFit 215 while Amber looks on. I’m so proud of these two for their efforts and planning together.  Partner Workouts have GOT to be the BEST kind of way to get in a good day of training. Speaking of which, you can feel free to mark down on your calendars that the Stache Showdown – CFCC’s Strongman Partner Competition – will take place on Wednesday, November 20th.cathrynandamber



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll as needed, 5 minutes. 3 rounds of: Spiderman to Overhead Reach on Both Sides – 5 reps each side, Glute Bridge plus Overhead Reach – reps each side.

SKILL # 1: Tire Flips

SKILL # 2: Rope Climbs


AMRAP in 3 minutes – Tire Flips

AMRAP in 3 minutes – Rope Climbs

AMRAP in 3 minutes – Strict Handstand Push-ups OR Push-ups

Complete this workout in heats to allow for full access to equipment. Record your reps for EACH portion AND your total.

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