Workout of the Day: Thursday, 1.16.14

“…the real battle is won in the mind. It’s won by the guys who understand their areas of weakness, who sit and think about it, plotting and planning to improve. Attending to the detail. Work on their weaknesses and overcome them. Because they can. Your reputation is built right here in the first phase. And you don’t want people to think you’re a guy who does just enough to scrape through. You want people to understand you always try to excel, to be better, to be completely reliable, always giving it your best shot. That’s the way we do business here. And remember this one last thing. There’s only one guy here in this room who knows whether you’re going to make it, or fail. And that’s you. Go to it, gentlemen. And always give it everything.”

Excerpt from Lone Survivor




A. 1 minute Gastroc Release with Thumbs, 1 minute Gastroc/Soleus Stretch for THAT side, repeat for other side.

B. Lax Ball High Glute/TFL pieces, 1 minute on one side, 1 minute Femur Out of Butt Stretch plus Lat piece (reach the arm forward to lengthen the stretch) – repeat for the other side.

C. Complete: AMRAP 2 minutes: Spiderman Step with Hip Lift plus Overhead Reach to Both Sides – 1 rep on each side. Single Leg Glute Bridge – 3 reps on each side.

(15 minutes)


A. Partner Assisted Chest to Bar Holds: x4 in the 5-15 second range. (10 minutes)

B. From the Floor: complete EMOM for 10 minutes of: Overhead Squat x 1, Snatch Balance x 2 – moving up in load as you go along. (15 minutes)

A little inspiration: Coach Perrin Snatch Balances 173lbs. at a bodyweight of 129lbs.

Also, LOADS of great info about getting more comfortable in the bottom of the Snatch, AND specifically, Snatch Balance variants.

CONDITIONING: (15-20 minutes)

Complete for time:

50 Push-ups
60ft. Lunge Steps with a Plate to Chest (45/25)
75 Ring Rows
60ft. Lunge Steps with a Plate to Chest (45/25)
100 Hollow Rocks
60ft. Lunge Steps with a Plate to Chest (45/25)

Learn more about the CrossFit Games Open here.

Wondering about what your carb-intake should be very a typical longer WOD like this one? Check this interview out.  Mike Kesthely is the man I had the pleasure of learning from back in September during my visit with Coach Perrin to OPT’s Nutrition for Athletes Seminar – he doles out a whole bunch of relevant info in this interview!

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