Workout of the Day: Thursday, 10.17.13

Below, Bova tries real hard at the LAST CrossFit Total. Remember to sign up under seminars – the Total is happening in about a week!

5 Reasons YOU Should Do the CrossFit Total:

1. Pictures of you lifting possibly leading to impressive amounts of Facebook notifications.

2. Deadlifting amounts that you can then cite as reasons you are not able to help any friends move the next day.

3. Back Squatting in such a way that you may not have to even attempt a PR for an entire year from now.

4. Monopoly money may (or may not) be rained down upon you by beautiful women – not kidding – this actually happened last year.

5. You may have so much fun that you finish on Friday and want to come back and watch everything again on Saturday (not kidding, this ALSO happened last year).




MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll as needed for 3 minutes. Then complete 2 rounds of: 5 Samson Lunge Steps on each side (with arms overhead!), a 20-30 second Lat Raise (or, the first portion of the Lever – push the pull-up bar down toward your feet while the arms and body are straight), Lying Lower Trap Raise (10 reps on each side, plus a 10 second hold).

HANDSTAND PUSH-UP and PUSH-UP STRENGTH WORK: As it has been in this cycle!

DEADLIFT CLUSTERS: About 15 minutes to work up to a peak.  It should be noted that THIS peak (unlike the Back Squat peak) will most likely be a LOT faster than your Back Squat. It SHOULD be a lot faster and therefore, not as HIGH of a percentage of max. Have it in your head that it will most likely be something closer to 85% of your max if you are more experienced with the lift and 90-95% if you are LESS experienced. You will base your Cluster sets off of this peak.

WEEK 3: Work up to a fast peak and then perform 1 Cluster using 75-80% of your peak.  For the cluster you will perform 1 rep every 20 seconds for 2 minutes.

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