Workout of the Day: Thursday, 10.3.13

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Asian Style Lettuce Wraps – for when you just miss a wrap.

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Did you know that pumpkin doesn’t ALWAYS have to come in the form of a Pumpkin Spiced Latte?  TRUE STORY.  Here’s a great dinner for the week option.

Below, Handstand Practice!DSC_0994


MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll as needed for 3 minutes. Then complete 2 rounds of: 5 Samson Lunge Steps on each side (with arms overhead!), a 20-30 second Lat Raise (or, the first portion of the Lever – push the pull-up bar down toward your feet while the arms and body are straight), Lying Lower Trap Raise (10 reps on each side, plus a 10 second hold).

HANDSTAND PUSH-UP and PUSH-UP STRENGTH WORK: As it has been in this cycle!

EMOM for 5 minutes Handstand Push-ups with a Deficit.  Pick any number between 3-6 reps per minute to complete and choose your level of difficulty.  If you do not have HSPU yet you may choose to complete negatives or kick-ups.  If you would like to use this time to work on your push-up strength you may use bands to scale push-ups for the same rep ranges as well. Remember, total volume should not exceed 30 reps.

DEADLIFT CLUSTERS: About 15 minutes to work up to a peak.  It should be noted that THIS peak (unlike the Back Squat peak) will most likely be a LOT faster than your Back Squat. It SHOULD be a lot faster and therefore, not as HIGH of a percentage of max. Have it in your head that it will most likely be something closer to 85% of your max if you are more experienced with the lift and 90-95% if you are LESS experienced. You will base your Cluster sets off of this peak.

WEEK 1: Work up to a fast peak and then perform 2 Clusters using 75-80% of your peak.  For each cluster you will perform 1 rep every 20 seconds for 2 minutes.

For example: If Arrus’s max of all time in the deadlift is 585lbs, he will MOST likely not be lifting that in a regular session within the Total cycle. He may pull up to 545 instead. This rep will be confident, but heavy – smooth, but not easy.  This is the peak. He will then take anywhere from 75-80% (408.75 – 436lbs.) of this lift and attempt to deadlift that for 1 rep every 20 seconds for 2 minutes. These reps should feel just like the peak: confident, but heavy – smooth, but not easy.  If he finishes all of these reps in the style of the peak he will rest about 2-minutes and then repeat this rep scheme again. If he feels that these reps are too slow, he will drop the load to something he believes he can do smoothly – even going under 75% is ok.

POSTURAL RESTORATION: Use the remainder of your time on Thursdays to work on gymnastics skills (double unders, pull-ups, etc.) and mobility.

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