Workout of the Day: Thursday, 3.20.14

Some extra thoughts on the Turkish Get Up from Dan John.



MOVEMENT PREP: Bone Saw – 1 minute on each side, Wall Quad Stretch plus Banded Distraction, 1 minute per side (use a partner!). 60ft. of High Knee Walk to Spiderman to Hip Lift to Overhead Reach followed by 10 reps on each side of Side-Lying Windmills.
ACTIVATION: Review the Turkish Get Up and complete 20 Total Reps at a load of your choosing (so, 10 per arm).
STRENGTH: Strict Pull-up (use your weakest grip!) – work to a peak set of 3 within 8 total sets. Once you have hit your peak within those sets, back down a bit in load to complete whatever number of sets you have left.
Complete 5 rounds of Airdyne @ 80%:
1 minute on – 3 minutes of rest.

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