Workout of the Day: Thursday, 4.17.14

Today we are doing our own version of “Nicole.” Make sure you take care of your hands.

The video below is Donny Shankle explaining how to keep your mits clean.


SMR: Foam Roll as needed, 5 min Bretzels, 1min/pose (4min total)
Movement Prep: Barbell Warm Up
Strength Complex: 3 Position Clean (Clean from position 3, Clean from position 2, Clean from position 1) hands stay on the bar the whole time  EOMOM x12 min Start @60% of clean and work up
Conditioning: “Nicolette” 20 min AMRAP -400m run followed by a set of Unbroken Toe to Bar.
The set is over once you let go of the bar or place your feet on the ground. Two separate scores, your Toes to Bar, and 400m laps.


Squatting (5:30pm)

Movement Prep:
Bone saw (1 min/leg)
Gastroc-Soleus Stretch (1 min/leg)
Lax ball hip flexors (1 min/side)
Wall Quad stretch (1 min/leg)
Strength: Front Squat
10×2 @87-90% of 3RM
1.5-2 min rest between sets

Glover showing off some real athleticism during “Death by 10M”

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