Workout of the Day: Thursday, 5.15.14

Please take a look at our adjusted weekend schedule on Mindbody – this weekend and next are big Regionals weekends for the Team (errrrr your Coaches) and so we’re doing our very best to make sure you all are able to train but that we are still able to represent you well.  The next two Friday evenings we’ll even be hosting Coach Greg for coaching spot! If you have any questions at all about planning your training, please just let us know. Keep in mind, Memorial Day that we will have ONE class at 10am and it will be MEMORIAL DAY MURPH.

Today’s featured Regionals Team member is Chris Santaniello. Chris, like me, is an alternate on the team of 6 athletes and regardless of this, has been working very hard to make the whole team better in spite of some pretty tough circumstances. The picture below was taken back when Chris joined CFCC. I remember 95lb. overhead squats in a workout being tough for him, and this past weekend, he used 185lb. overhead squats in one of the Regionals workouts.  Chris has grown so much as an athlete over the years and is a great example of what can happen when will finds a way.



MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Serratus Anterior/Lat – 1 minute per side. Banded Lat Stretch – 1 minute per side. Wall Seated OHS PVC Mobilizations – complete 15 reps.
SKILL WORK: Muscle Snatch, then: EMOM for 8 minutes, 3 reps muscle snatch, building. Take SMALL jumps as you would with a strict press. This movement is at it’s most useful when it is smooth.
CONDITIONING: AMRAP in 7 minutes of Burpees to a 6″ Touch. 

*This metcon is a #RECHARGE benchmark!  Be sure to make sure you write down your score.

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