Workout of the Day: Thursday, 5.9.13

ADVANCED OLY, with Jim, 3-5pm, 530-730pm, 730-930pm.

GYMNASTICS, with Danny, 6am, 530pm, 630pm.

SQUATTING ONLY, with Danny, at 430pm.


TOTAL TIP OF THE DAY: Bring your workout log, bring some projected jumps if you have them, but keep an Open Mind.  Shooting too low number-wise can lead to fear of working higher than what you are used to.  Shooting too high number-wise can lead to disappointment.  Come in, get excited, and trust your Coaches – they’ll point you in the right direction.


MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Shoulders as needed, 5 minutes. Belly Breathing Lat Stretch, 1 minute. Band Overhead Stretch, 30 seconds per side. Band Pec Stretch, 30 seconds per side.
STRENGTH: Weighted Chin-up, take 12 minutes to work up to a peak of 1 for the supinated grip pull-up.
AMRAP 5 minutes:
Pick a high box jump (for you*) and aim to complete as many reps of this jump as possible. Share your box with a friend for added bravery. :)

*so no matter what if you usually go for something less than 20″, scale up! If you normally jump on the 30″, try at least 32″!

Stimulus: use this as an opportunity to get comfortable with a box jump height that would otherwise make you a little leery.

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