Workout of the Day: Thursday, 6.20.13

Don’t forget!  The Liberty Barbell Classic is this SATURDAY.  The deadline to sign up is Wednesday (sooooo… if this is posted at 530pm, you need to sign up RIGHT NOW!) – classes will be cancelled for the meet on Saturday but will definitely be back to normal on Sunday!
Have you seen the details for PROM on Facebook yet?  It’s on June 29th and I don’t know WHY you wouldn’t be there… it’s only THE BEST THING EVER.

Below, Barrett, mid clean and into the split jerk.

Whether you are cleaning or split jerking one of the most COMMON cues you’ll hear is “Keep it Close” – this is true for BOTH lifts and EVEN for the Clean Pull. The farther the bar is out in front of you during the Clean Pull, the more that you stop (at any point!) pulling the bar onto the shoulders in the rack for the Clean, AND the more that you dip in such a way that your bar is not driving in a line slightly behind your head – the HARDER your lifts will be!  Barrett does a pretty good job here!



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll Quads, 3 minutes. Pec Minor Release, 1 minute each side. Partner Assisted Seated Lat Stretch, 1 minute per person.  Single Leg Squat Hold, 1 minute per side. Single Arm Overhead Walking Lunges (choose your load), complete at least 20 steps total (take breaks if you need them).

SKILL WORK: The Clean Pull, The Hang Clean, The Split Jerk = The Shankle Complex!  This is 3 Clean Pulls, one Hang Squat Clean, and 2 Split Jerks.

STRENGTH: Peak the Complex for the rest of the Class Time.

CONDITIONING: (will take place in the back room BEFORE or AFTER class for no more than 15 minutes):

Any rowing you would like to do outside of the HOUR of class time.

Rowing only will be permitted.

Shankle Scores from Last Thursday:


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