Workout of the Day: Thursday, 8.22.13

The science of a good night’s sleep, some advice from this prolific psychiatrist whose work is VERY worth following.

Muscle-up photos from CrossFit Generation this past weekend, courtesy of Krista Cortellini.

Picture 6

“One of the things I love about CrossFit, but also a source of frustration is the lack of specialization.  I love the challenge of training to excel in so many different areas.  It can also be challenging because sometimes you have to put activities you love on the back burner in favor of pounding away at areas of weakness.”
– Elizabeth Akinwale, CrossFit Games athlete, American Open competitor, and Mother.
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MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball as needed, for 5 minutes.

Then, we will split the group into two.  GROUP 1 completes the Muscle-up Drills. GROUP 2 completes the Handstand Push-up Drills. 

SKILL WORK: Work on the skill you choose for 15 minutes.


AMRAP in 5 minutes of each:


Handstand Push-ups**

Double Unders***

Report reps for each movement (so you’ll be giving 3 numbers).

*If you did muscle-ups yesterday and are feeling fatigued, you may also sub chest-to-bar pull-ups or strict pull-ups for the first 5 minute portion of this WOD.  Alternatively, if you did drills for the muscle-up yesterday you may also feel free to complete ring dips or strict pull-ups in place of the muscle-ups for today.

**If you not have handstand push-ups you may choose any one of the progressions used in teaching the HSPU in the WOD today: the kick-up, the handstand push-up negative, the band drills if you are familiar with them, and/or simplifying as far back as push-ups if you’d like to.

***If you do not yet have a double under, don’t revert to singles just yet.  Spend these five minutes working the skill and even trying to get ONE double under.

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