Workout of the Day: Thursday, 9.19.13



MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Shoulders, 3 minutes. Lat Stretch, 1 minute on each side. Deep Squat to Long Sit – 8x (use a band or bar where needed). (see this video for what the deep squat to long sit is). Hand Balancing, Handstand Walking, or Accurate Kick-ups, practice for 3 minutes.

FOR QUALITY: EMOM for 5 minutes Handstand Push-ups with a Deficit.  Pick any number between 3-6 reps per minute to complete and choose your level of difficulty.  If you do not have HSPU yet you may choose to complete negatives or kick-ups.  If you would like to use this time to work on your push-up strength you may use bands to scale push-ups for the same rep ranges as well. Remember, total volume should not exceed 30 reps.

STRENGTH: Deadlifts, see the format below.

The “Speed” format being used is this:

You will begin your lifting at 60% of your best tested lift and move up to 75% but no more than this depending on how your form and speed are progressing. The lifting will be a 10-minute long EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) set where each minute begins with a set of two reps and you can spend the remainder of the minute prepping for your next set.

Written out the format is: EMOM (10 minutes): 60% of 1RM x 2, 60% of 1RM x 2, 70% of 1RM x 2, 70% of 1RM x 2, 75% of 1RM x 2, 75% of 1RM x 2, then, the remaining four minutes are up to yours or a Coaches discretion load-wise but you may not go above 75%.

This week in the seventh and eighth minute you will be able to go up to 80% – you may choose to stay at or go down in load from that percentage for the remaining two minutes.

Reps should feel heavy, but like you can push against them with good form.  The 7th set or so should feel like it gets a little faster.  As noted, this entire effort will take 10 minutes, but with explanation, set-up, and breakdown, we are anticipating that it will take at least 20-25 minutes. This still leaves us time on these days for other work during a session so that’s our plan!


AMRAP in 8 minutes: Front Rack Reverse Lunges (choose your load) – 8 total steps, Knees to Elbows – 8 reps.

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