Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 1.14.14

*A quick edit!  The CrossFit Open overlords have decided that the WOD will be released late on Thursday night this year.  As such, we will be completing the CrossFit Open WODs during season (starting Feb. 27th!) on Fridays of every week.  This means we will also be PRACTICING the WODs on Fridays as well – and THAT means that we’ll have to change our programming cycle a bit.  Basically, Friday and Wednesday are changing places! If you have any questions or concerns about this – feel free to email us! For the ENTIRE cycle, go here!




Release your Thoracic Spine over the Foam Roller for at least 2 minutes – hold on to a plate, wallball, or kettlebell to get the most out of this mobilization. (2 minutes).

Then complete 30ft. of each: Prisoner Lunges, Inchworm, Single Leg Deadlift Steps.

SKILL WORK: Dumbbell Snatch


EMOM in 20 minutes of:
Odd: 6 TnG DB Snatch (alternating) followed by a max set of Chest to Bar Pull-ups*
Even: 30 seconds of Double Unders

Struggling with Chest to Bar Pull-ups? Check out this piece from Carl Paoli on C2B Efficiency!

*Rest once you have come off the bar!

EXTRA CREDIT: 2 minutes per side, Bench/PVC Assisted Lat Stretch.

See this lovely video for more details:

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