Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 1.28.14

Have you signed up the Open yet? Do it today! OR, find out why you should/shouldn’t here.

It’s Time to Get Comfortable with Uncomfortable – “A lot of athletes are self-defeating, and I try to get them to re-think how they talk to themselves, even how they walk. Even if they don’t feel it, I try to get them to smile, to walk with confidence and good posture so that every day they are building a base of confidence.”

CFCC is hosting an in-house Open Prep TEAM Competition – Have questions about participating? Keen to enter? Or want to know more about how you can help? Email for more information and to sign up.  Please note, this competition is by draft – we will place you on teams that we choose which are each captained by a Coach.  Also remember, this competition is ENTIRELY open to ALL levels of athletes.

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MOVEMENT PREP: Lava Tossing: the whole class will set up all wood planks throughout the room. According to the size of the class medballs will be given out (but may be as many as 4 medballs going at once). The balls MUST be kept in motion and the athletes must stay on planks. If you are knocked off the plank, you are sent to the airdyne. We will play for 1 minute on, 1 minute off: 3 rounds.
STRENGTH: Single Leg Squat – prioritize the neutral spine for these today! These are NOT pistols. Complete 5 sets of 5 reps on EACH side of Goblet Squat Hold single leg squats paying special attention to knee position throughout – there should be MINIMAL wobble at the knee.
2 rounds of:
10 Weak Arm Turkish Get Ups (ALL on the same arm), choose your load
15 Strict Pull-ups
Goblet Walking Lunges (use the same bell!)
10 Strong Arm Turkish Get Ups (ALL on the same arm), choose your load
15 Strict Pull-ups
20 Goblet Walking Lunges (use the same bell!)

Hey, RECHARGERS! It’s Week 3 and REMEMBER today is the day that your complete food logs and points sheets are due to by the end of the day (1/28)- that’s TODAY!  On that note, here’s a little inspiration for you from Michael Pollan: 

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