Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 10.22.13

Hey, friends –

So I’m officially apologizing for the late post, but I have been a little overwhelmed by memories because of an announcement I am making to you all today.  Coach Cassie and Coach Rachel are taking a break from coaching at CFCC. 

Now, before you fling your laptops across the room or sob into your iPhones, I think it’s worth noting:

Rach’s absence will be due to some shifts in her job of being an amazing emergency vet (did you knooooow?) – she’ll be taking a break until things settle out there but she will DEFINITELY be around and training!  She’ll still be here to yell “head through! head through! head through!” at you when you need it and she’ll still be coaching at the CrossFit Total in 2 weeks.

Cassie’s absence will be due to moving on to some amazing progressions in her own full-time work with Trap Door Athletics.   She will be around here and there to train but is also sharing time with a few other CrossFit gyms at this time: CrossFit 215 and CrossFit Delaware Valley so that she can better serve the wider CrossFit community in our area. Cassie’s role as Commissioner of the Liberty Box League is expanding and we couldn’t be more proud or excited for her. They are set to hold their Championship on November 2nd!  If you’d like to attend on the 2nd, simply Total the day before!  It’s going to be an AWESOME day.

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I can still remember the first day I met Cassie. It is no surprise to me that from that day forward I could only imagine her ending up where she is: as a leader within the Philadelphia CrossFit community, an inspiration to so many of us at CFCC, a woman who I know will pick up 400lbs. in December, and a friend.

Wish her well as she pursues this, her dream!  Thank you, Cassie, for being you!

Also, along the same vein of changes within the gym – there will be a Competitor’s Meeting held THIS SATURDAY, the 26th (YES, the morning AFTER Fall Ball) at 8-10am. If you are on the Competitor’s Team and would like to stay on it, if you are ON the Advanced Team, if you would LIKE to pursue either of these things – please attend this meeting OR let us know if you can’t. We’ll plan and talk from 8-9am and train from 9-10am. 


MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll as needed for 3 minutes. Then complete 2 rounds of: 5 Samson Lunge Steps on each side (with arms overhead!), a 20-30 second Lat Raise (or, the first portion of the Lever – push the pull-up bar down toward your feet while the arms and body are straight), Lying Lower Trap Raise (10 reps on each side, plus a 10 second hold).


WEEK 4 of 4: Peak of 1, 1 Cluster at 85% x 1 rep every 30 seconds for 3 minutes.


WEEK 4 of 4: Tabata Row

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