Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 11.26.13

Behold!  HERE are some really awesome honorable mentions AND there stories from the last Body Composition Change Challenge held at CFCC.

Picture 7


MOVEMENT PREP: Tim’s Yoga + Agility Warm-up, and then: Skill Work for the Clean

STRENGTH: EMOM for 10 minutes: 3 reps, Unbroken (Touch-and-Go) 3-Position Cleans (begin at 60% of your best clean and go up or down as needed throughout your sets).  The 3-Position Clean means you will do one clean from the High Hang (Position “1”), then from the Hang (Position “2”), and then from the floor (Position “3”). A coach can cap you at a certain load if your form is shoddy – the load you use in this EMOM should allow you to go heavy, without sacrificing good form.

For QUALITY: 10-to-1: Tempo Ring Push Up  (2 seconds down, 2 seconds up) Tempo Ring Row  (2 seconds down, 2 seconds up) *If you are not able to complete Ring Push-ups as rx’d (without bands) simply sub a regular Band Assisted Push-up. In classes where the equipment is available, you may also use a band-assist on Ring Push-ups.

Here’s one example of the kind of control you can show during these Tempo Push-ups.

Plenty of our stellar athletes need a dozen doses of Arianna’s awesome Restorative Yoga Class (on Sundays, friends!) but plenty of you are also candidates for needing MORE stability for all that mobility you’ve got. Tempo training can be GREAT for this.  Here’s a little more info about how to know which one you need and how Tempo-work fits into all of that.

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