Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 12.10.13

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Feeling a little unstable in the bottom of the squat, split, or snatch?  Here’s a little break down of how that relates to trunk strength, and here’s a quote to peak your interest: “The anterior core (and especially the external obliques) work to prevent excessive anterior tilt. Again, we want neutral spine/pelvis – NOT a ridiculous anterior pelvic tilt and lumbar lordosis! Not only does this excessive alignment increase wear and tear on the spine, but it also limits squat depth as well, as our hamstrings are in a position of constant stretch/facilitation.”DSC_4149


MOVEMENT PREP: Tim’s Yoga (just a heads up, people are going to have SUPER tight pecs today…) + Agility Warm-up.


STRENGTH: Use 70-75% of your best clean and complete 1 Clean every 30 seconds for 6 minutes. These cleans MUST pass through a full squat before the lift is complete.

“Death by Toes to Bar”
First minute, do 1 Toes to Bar
Second minute, do 2 Toes to Bars
Third minute, do 3 Toes to Bars
And so on, add one more rep each minute

*Use the remainder of the minute to recover, stop when you cannot complete the number of Toes to Bar within the minute. There is a 15 minute cap on this WOD.   

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So many Toes to Bar tips. Check ’em out.

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