Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 3.21.2017.


Banded Pull Through x 20
Banded Good Morning x 10
Banded X-Walk x 10
PVC Pass through x 10
PVC Around the World x 10
PVC OHS x 10
PVC Snatch grip Squat Press x 10
PVC Back Rack Duck Walk x 10
PVC Shoulder-width Hollow Rocks x 20
PVC Arch Rocks x 20

A. Snatch– 4 sets x 3 @65-80%, must catch in bottom of squat.

B. Sumo Deadlift @21X1 x 7 x 3-4 sets
–must control eccentric (no dropping from top)
–Bar must pause on ground.

Row for cals 1 min
Rest 1 min
Double-Unders 1 min
Rest 1 min
Row for cals 1 min
Rest 1 min
Double-Unders 1 min
Rest 1 min
Row for cals 1 min
Rest 1 min
Double-Unders 1 min

-If multiple heats are needed, half the class will start on double-unders

ST (A), COND (total cals + total D/U)


Wrist warm up
Shoulder Stretch 3 & 4
Wall V Stretch x :30
Pigeon x :30
Inchworm x 5
Pike up x 10
Straddle up x 10
Captain Morgan x 6/side
Wall Walk x 3 w/5sec pause

A1. 3-person HS PVC Drill x :30-:45 hold
A2. Ring Push up x 5-7 @51X1
A3. Parallette Frog Stand/Crane x :30

B1. Kipping HSPU (no contact with wall) x 5 x 3
B2. Paralette — Shoot Through x 4, Tuck Sit to Tuck Up x 4, Tuck Sit to Straddle x 4

C. Plank to Ball Pops — :30 on, :30 x 6


2 rounds:
Slow Contralateral Deadbug x 10
Inchworm x 5
Duckwalk x 10
High Knee Lunge + Twist x 10
Cossack squat x 10
Glute Bridge x 10

A1. Back Squat @ 17X1 x 2 x 6-8 sets
–First set is at 65% of 1RM.
–Maintain tension at bottom of squat, and explode up. –Continue building as long as you can move fast and with purpose.

A2. Shin Hops x 5 x 7 sets
–Scale these up to jumping to a raised target if you’re able (45# plate, for example)
–Rest 2-4min between sets.

B. Barbell Good Morning @25X1 x 6 x 3 sets

C1. Supine Bridge on GHD x :45 x 3, Rest 1 min
C2. Bent Over Barbell Row x 10 x 3 sets
C3. Glute Ham Raise w/slow negative x 5-7, Rest 1 min


Banded hip distraction- 1min/side
Lying Lat stretch – 1min/side
2 Rounds:
10 close grip OHS w/PVC
10 steps of duck walk w/pvc overhead
10 steps of backwards duck walk w/pvc overhead

A. Snatch w/ Pause Below the Knee (:03) + Snatch w/Pause Above the Knee (:03) (1+1)
– complete 6 working sets, building in load as form allows.

B. BTN PP + BTN Jerk (1+2)
– 6 working sets of the complex, working up to 85% of 1RM SJ

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