Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 6.3.14

This Sunday, don’t forget!  We’re hosting the one and only Mike McKenna for a Strongman Seminar! The schedule will be altered to allow use of the gym for this seminar. All the details are here and all the coaches will be there – we’d love for you to come out and learn with us.


A new #Strongman cycle is being rolled out starting next week! Here are all the details:

We will be holding a new 5 week strongman cycle starting next week (Monday June 9th through Thursday July 10th)!

It will run on Mondays (coached by Tim) and Thursdays (coached by me) from 7:30pm to 9pm again, and while we won’t be having Strongman classes on Saturdays during the summer, I (Record) will be writing stuff for you to do during open gym on Sundays. The cost will be $100 for the 5 weeks, AND if you are a part of this cycle, you can attend the seminar we are hosting with Mike McKenna on this Sunday for only $75 ($50 savings, just use the code “cfccstrong” when you sign up!).

As always, let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to let anyone else who might be interested know! We will cap this cycle at 8 athletes, so please email to reserve your spot!



MOBILITY: Lax ball feet, calves and glutes for 5 minutes

MOVEMENT PREP: 2 Rounds: 10 cat & camel, 10 single leg glute bridges (alternating), 10 inchworm + push up in place, 1 minute handstand hold
STRENGTH: In the below format you will complete one set of deadlifts, rest, step ups, rest, presses, rest, and repeat for four total sets. You may increase the weight throughout each set if good form is maintained throughout each movement. 

A1. Deadlift x 6-8 reps x 4 sets, Rest 45 sec *touch and go reps w/perform form
A2. Dumbbell Step Ups (20″/approx 15″) x 8-10 reps/leg x 4 sets, Rest 45 sec 
A3. Single Arm Strict Press x 6-8 reps/arm, Rest 45 sec

*for both A2 and A3, all reps are completed on one side first then switch. Start with the weaker side first

3 Rounds
30 sec amrap Double Unders or Single Unders
30 sec rest
30 sec amrap Dumbbell Push Press (40/20lb)
30 sec rest
30 sec amrap Box Jumps (24/20″)
30 sec rest

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