Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 8.20.13

Below, another great shot of a day in the life at CFCC from Hudson. See more from Hudson here!

bench - hudson


MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Shoulders, 4 minutes. Pec Minor Release, 30 seconds per side. Scalene Release, 30 seconds per side. SCM Release, 30 seconds per side. 3 rounds of: 3 Reps of Windmill Per Side (choose your load), 3-reps Inverted Hand Push-ups.

STRENGTH: Bench: up to a peak of 3, followed by a drop set at 66% of your highest load for the day for max (VIRTUOUSLY COMPLETED) reps. Please do not go above 30 reps for this final set.


With a partner complete (REMEMBER, for QUALITY) 5 rounds of 1 minute at each station:

Renegade Row*

Suitcased Walking Lunges**

*One rep of a renegade row for our purposes today is one push-up on a pair of dumbbells, one one-armed row on one side of the body, one one-armed row on ther other side of the body – MINIMIZING any twist in the whole of the body while rowing or performing the push-up. Choose your load!

**Hold a kettlebell in each hand and walk as many steps as you can being very intentional with keeping your gait straight ahead and your trunk active enough to minimize wobble and any hyperextension of the lumbar spine. The back knee must kiss the ground.

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