Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 8.6.13

What should your back look like in the bench, and other questions you might get asked when you bench in places that aren’t CFCC (a post I wrote a while back).

Bench Press numbers from Last Spring (in case you don’t remember them).

Have you tried a Hero Bar yet?

Walter Abrams, a member of CFCC, and a culinary expert who has been a Chef in places like the French Laundry (among many other amazing kitchens) has created a Paleo bar entirely crafted from local ingredients that provide you with a little bit of fuel for the hardest of training days. Walter is currently traveling across the country to promote this bar and CFCC is the FIRST box he’s had it stocked. ┬áThe ingredients are things like: cashews, apricots, pumpkin seeds, KALE, sunflower seeds, coconut oil, cacao powder, flax and chia seeds, etc. The taste is balanced, filling, and 100 lightyears beyond a Lara Bar or a Kind Bar at roughly the same price. If you haven’t had one yet – give it a go!

I’m sure this guy would make one if he COULD.



MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Shoulders, 4 minutes. Pec Minor Release, 30 seconds per side. Scalene Release, 30 seconds per side. SCM Release, 30 seconds per side. 3 rounds of: 3 Reps of Windmill Per Side (choose your load), 3-reps Inverted Hand Push-ups.

STRENGTH: Bench: 5, 3, 2, 1 followed by a drop set at 66% of your highest load for the day for max (VIRTUOUSLY COMPLETED) reps.

CONDITIONING: 4 Rounds for time of: Single Arm Russian Kettlebell Swing – 10 reps on each side, alternated with Single Arm Overhead Squat – 10 reps per side.

The load you choose should be entirely manageable – err on the side of scaling with something easier than normal today and focus on perfect positioning during the swings and overhead squats.

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