Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 1.15.14

THIS IS IT!  TODAY IS THE TODAY!  CrossFit Open Registration officially opens HERE today!

The Open begins with the announcement of the first Workout on Thursday, February 27th! If you don’t yet know what the Open is, you should!  Our regular Workout of the Day programming will be following along with this workout that is released every Thursday for 5 weeks. CrossFit gyms ALL OVER THE WORLD will be using these 5 workouts as a test of their level of fitness as it relates to thousands of participants. For $20, you TOO can throw your hat into the ring! Find out more about the Open here – and email us or ask a Coach if you have any questions at all! The video below is from last year’s CrossFit Open.


3 1-minute rounds (with 1 minute rest) of: Animal Freeze Tag: Freeze Tag, but Bear Crawling and Crab Walking. The Coach names who “it” is (sometimes this can be 2 people) and one designated person who is immune to being “it” – this person can unfreeze people. When you are tagged, you must remain in a plank! Failure to stay in a plank earns a 5 burpee penalty. The Coach will call Bear Crawl or Crab Walk as they see fit – you must turn when you hear the switch!


Box Jump Efficiency in Workouts: Review repping, arm assistance, and step-ups.

CONDITIONING: (30 minutes)

With a partner complete 3 rounds of:

5-minute AMRAP:

The “Barbell 5k”

115/75 Shoulder to Overhead – 5 reps
115/75 Deadlift – 10 reps
115/75 Box Jumps (24/20) – 15 reps

5 minutes of rest in between rounds.

*While one partner is resting, the other is using their station. The goal for each of these rounds is: 70% RPE on the first round, 80% RPE on the second, and 90% RPE on the final round. So, your BEST score should be your final round.

Below on the left, Joe completes a thruster while Kevin, on the right waits for his turn to complete the next. Joe and Kevin are completing a partner WOD together. These kinds of workouts are often more difficult than workouts where athletes are asked to perform the exact same tasks, but on their own. Why? Because we all work harder when we know someone is counting on us than we sometimes do for ourselves. I think that’s an incredible part of our nature as humans.  It’s also a HUGE part of why YOU should sign up for the Open in 2014. Each WOD is judged… that means, a teammate will hold you to a standard, will push you BEYOND what you believe is possible for yourself, and will then high-five you and use your effort to fuel their own fire. If you’re looking to jump-start your training and to get a sense of what being a part of a TEAM is like, sign up for the CrossFit Open.  You won’t regret it!


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