Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 10.16.13

FALL BALL is FRIDAY, October 25th!

THE BCCC is coming to a close next week. The projected measurement times are as follows:

Monday, 10/21 7-9am (Meg)
Tuesday 10/22 4:30-6:30pm, 7:30-8pm (Greg)
Wednesday 10/23 7-9am (Meg)
Wednesday 5-7:30pm (Greg)

*Remember, you’ll also have to complete your 3-minute Burpee Test at some point during the week!*

In this position, Paige is preparing to clean. Right about HERE as a Coach I am looking especially to make sure that she is “getting her knees out of the way”. What this means is that she will recruit her hamstrings in a way which not only allows her to be more powerful but will also allow her bar path to work to her advantage. As you prepare to be in the “Hang” or “2” Position today – remember this! You should feel that your hamstrings are on tension as the bar travels to your knees.DSC_1592


MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Shoulders and high hip pieces as needed, 3 minutes. Partner Assisted Distraction, grab a friend’s leg and pull gently (DO NOT TUG ON YOUR FRIEND’S APPENDAGES) for about 20 seconds on each side. Single Leg Deadlift Hold, 1 minute on each side (for perfect positioning!  You may use a counterbalance on the non-working leg side if you need to). (10 minutes).

SNATCH SKILL WORK (10 minutes) and EMOM WORK (roughly 10-12 minutes including clean-up): To keep this skill in the rotation! This work will be light and fast. Land in a squat if you can, but if you can’t do that well, land in a power position that will eventually allow you to squat perfectly (sooooo, not spread eagle!)

The EMOM work will follow this format:

WEEK 3 of 4: 2 reps from the Hang (Position 2) – at a DOABLE load that will be chosen by the athlete with the Coaches’ Help (about 65-70% of the athlete’s best snatch), EMOM for 7 minutes. Be sure that you are hitting Position 1 AFTER Position 2 in today’s drills.  Draw a line in front of you to keep any forward momentum in check. Choose a load that you are confident you are able to move in a super suave manner.

CONDITIONING: “Death by 10m” – on Ludlow, the street WITHOUT the dumpsters cause, you know… morning and late night classes may also opt to use the parking lot on Walnut between 13th and 12th – across the street from Raw.

A few previous times that we’ve completed this WOD.

Aaaaaahhh, sometimes I LONG for a parking lot – below, CrossFit Milford in Connecticut does “Death by 10m”

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