Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 10.2.13

The hookgrip Classic is this weekend on Saturday and Sunday!  As such, Danny and Paul will be holding a WOD that will run outside on Saturday at 10am which you are all encouraged to attend. Otherwise, come watch the hookgrip Classic!  Saturday we’ll see Novices from our very own Liberty Barbell Club, a 9 year old olympic lifter, and athletes from all over the East Coast lifting big!  Sunday, during the Open sessions a National Record Holder will be lifting, and many lifters will be actively using this meet to put up qualifying totals for National level meets throughout the coming year. Don’t miss it!

Below, Alyssa at the top of the pull for the snatch!  Notice how even though her hips have fully extended by this position she is right at the beginning of “toesies” and pulling back on the bar. DSC_1010


MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Shoulders and high hip pieces as needed, 3 minutes. Partner Assisted Distraction, grab a friend’s leg and pull gently (DO NOT TUG ON YOUR FRIEND’S APPENDAGES) for about 20 seconds on each side. Single Leg Deadlift Hold, 1 minute on each side (for perfect positioning!  You may use a counterbalance on the non-working leg side if you need to). (10 minutes).

SNATCH SKILL WORK (10 minutes) and EMOM WORK (roughly 10-12 minutes including clean-up): To keep this skill in the rotation! This work will be light and fast. Land in a squat if you can, but if you can’t do that well, land in a power position that will eventually allow you to squat perfectly (sooooo, not spread eagle!)

The EMOM work will follow this format:

2 reps from the High Hang (Position 1), EMOM for 8 minutes – go up or down in load as needed. This week these should be pretty light. The focus here is on PERFECT form; keep the bar close and be sure to draw a line in front of you to keep you in check if you have a habit of jumping forward.

CONDITIONING: “Nicole” – AMRAP in 20 minutes of: 400m Run, Max Pull-ups.

Two very thorough kipping instruction videos.

This is Part 1 – this is Part 2.  My favorite thing about this video is that Robb starts with the kip from the lat only and then builds on that to develop iterations of the kip that can be useful for different purposes. Our metcon today (“Nicole”) provides us with a unique opportunity to test the development of the kip under fatigue – having a number of different modalities in your arsenal can prove very useful!

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